The Freshman 15: Overcoming Homesickness (via So It Must Be True…)

2 11 2010

This is really going to help me next year. When I finally set my foot on college 🙂

The Freshman 15: Overcoming Homesickness (Note to readers: So sorry that this was posted so late! I meant to write October’s post sooner, but I hope you all enjoy nonetheless. November’s official entry to come in the next few weeks!) With a few months of your first year of college behind you, you may feel like you’ve already started to find a place for yourself. Now free to make many of your own decisions, you might embrace your newfound independence and thrive on it. However, you may a … Read More

via So It Must Be True…




2 responses

2 11 2010

Thank you so much for reblogging 🙂 I am so glad you find it helpful.

3 11 2010

no biggie 🙂 it would really really be something for me next year!

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